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Video captivates the senses & inspires viewers to move, to act, and to change.  As a full-service video marketing agency, Voyage harnesses the power of your story offering video strategy, video production, and video distribution.

Crafting Powerful Stories from Concept to Screen

We bring your vision into focus with expert planning, production, and post production services.

Our core team of experienced video production professionals manages the timeline and all the technical details, from pre production planning to on-set execution and post-production finesse. Each project is custom-quoted against the strategy aimed at your targeted results.


What We Do

Creative story comes in many forms, but our videos always target a business challenge that intentional communications can solve. Whether we’re introducing a brand, highlighting differentiators, or validating your expertise, we’re here to stir emotion and broaden perspectives. Ultimately we’re here to spark conversion.


Case studies
& testimonials



TEACHING & Training



Original content
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Case studies
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Original content
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The Voyage Difference

Free Strategy

We’ll collaborate on how to best utilize your budget for your target results before any contracts are signed.

Creative Concepts

We’ll pitch you two concepts to choose between, both within budget. No FOMO.

Simple Process

Save time by dedicating just 4-8 hours of headspace from your team—rather than 40+ hours on doing the work internally.

Dedicated Team

A single point of contact and the core internal Voyage team stewarding your project.

Project Investment by Industry

Real data on Voyage Pictures video projects across a variety of industries

Video is a critical asset and can drive tremendous ROI—but project spend can vary greatly. What makes sense for your organization to spend on video production? The chart below captures project spend against company size (in terms of millions of annual revenue). Because each project is customized to your needs and desired results, the video marketing budgets vary across industries. We are committed to thinking through the best bang for buck and setting budgets together– no surprises.

Ready to Tell Your Story?

Voyage: Where Creativity Meets ROI.

"Voyage helped our team decide how and when to invest in video in the most strategic way."

Sarah Eyk, Director of Marketing

Success Summary

Ferris Coffee and Nut is a family-run, century-old regional food and beverage manufacturer.  Investing in a process-oriented video, Ferris was able to lift the curtain for buyers to get a feel for the scale of the Ferris operation without traveling across the country. Injecting video into the sales process validated the company’s expertise and aided the team in closing key national accounts. It was also noted for bolstering company pride and pre-qualifying prospective employees.


National trade show viewing experiences and counting


Increase in website visits in first two months of launching video


Avg view duration

"Voyage elevates our stories to inspire our audiences through film."

Michelle Covington, VP of Advancement

Success Summary

 ICCF Community Homes is a local non profit that uses video storytelling to highlight programs of impact at their annual gala and throughout the year, bringing viewers along in the work being done to create and secure housing opportunities for all Grand Rapids residents. Voyage has been a trusted storytelling partner since 2019.


views on FB of rebrand video

"There is something truly powerful about...actually showing the story through video."

Nate Koetje, Chief Executive Officer

Success Summary

Feyen Zylstra is an innovator and technician, with clients nation wide, when it comes to the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical applications. On the path toward growth, Voyage helped refine the brand story, specifically with regard to the company’s culture, in order to attract additional qualified employees.


increase in LinkedIn traffic due to launching this video


News media features where video shown or discussed


Views on Facebook page (10x national average and +2.5x their next most viewed video)

"Voyage listened to where we wanted to grow and strategized the best bang for buck video project."

Matt Devries, Director of Sales & Marketing

Success Summary

Buist Electric wanted to focus on a specific line of business and ultimately win more bids. Telling their story through video became a differentiator that not only won them the largest contract in company history, but also had them coming back to Voyage for video strategy to hire more qualified employees as a result of their growth.


increase in website traffic after promo video was added to homepage.


higher deal closings from prospects receiving video prior to purchase.

3-5 years

average shelf life for video projects

“Voyage took our in-house storytelling abilities to the next level.”

Matthew Russell, Marketing Manager

Success Summary

DornerWorks is a powerhouse hardware engineering firm headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company wanted to connect with customers and prospects in a visually compelling way and highlight the ways its team of engineers can make project manager’s lives easier. Drawing from employee experiences, Voyage crafted a flagship video along with several “social cuts” to increase awareness across their outreach efforts.

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