About Voyage Pictures

The Voyage Pictures Team hard at work.

It All
Started Here

At the time, we didn’t own cameras. All we had was a single computer, some editing software, a borrowed miniDV camcorder, a bunch of connections, and a lot of passion. In the early days, it was easy to get lost in the thought that our films would be better if only we had better gear.

But better gear is never what motivated us. It’s certainly not what got us to where we are today. What motivated us was our tenacity and grit. It was our radical  commitment to putting our clients first. It was the people that bought into our vision and worked hard to make it a reality. It was, and continues to be, the voice inside us pushing us to attempt the impossible.

It all started in the basement, but we’re going somewhere. You’ll see.

The Voyage Pictures team working on a set.

Who We Are

We’re a team of doers and makers chasing the dream of a better future.

Our goal is to move people—to tell stories that get folks off their seats and into the streets. What community needs to be celebrated? Which audiences are waiting to be compelled? What life-changing stories are waiting to be told? These are the questions that drive us, that shape our interactions with clients, that move us to attempt the impossible.

The Team


We feel that the best creative spaces are those that not only challenge us to collaborate and grow but also can be places that are shared and give back. From our daily work to storytelling events to workshops that we host, our studio in the Monroe North district is where creativity and collaboration unite.

The Voyage Pictures office space in Grand Rapids, MI

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