Fundraising in a digital age

Galas are looking a little different this year.

All over the world, in-person events and galas are being adjusted for the remainder of 2020.  Many nonprofits rely on these events for a good portion of their annual fundraising. If you are choosing to hold your fundraiser online this year, then engaging video is a must!

Voyage has been creating inspirational fundraising event videos for years. If you are planning on a virtual event, chances are you will be using videoconferencing to address your viewers live. Your computer camera just doesn’t have the same impact as a crowd-packed venue with networking, music and a delicious meal. Therefore, great videos are a must to engage your donors and future volunteers.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a variety of organizations to bolster their online presence. After experimenting with many strategies, we’ve narrowed it down to three main types of videos that we’ve seen success with:

The Explainer

Spotlight: Inner City Christian Federation
Inner City Christian Federation was looking for a way to extend their big fundraising Gala, and found it by incorporating video strategy into their annual budget. Voyage strategized and produced this Anthem video highlighting one of ICCF’s new programs, the Community Homes Initiative, to be shown at the one-time event, and this social media cut to spread their message even farther.

Look like something your organization could use? We’d love to answer all your questions!

Infographic explaining that 95% of information is retained in video format.

The Testimonial

Spotlight: The Colossian Forum
The Colossian Forum was looking for authentic success stories to help promote one of their service lines, The Colossian Way curriculum series. Voyage captured a number of testimonials featuring people who used the curriculum and how it helped them on their faith journey.

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Infographic explaining that videos boost crowdfunding campaigns up to 150%

The Donor Video

Spotlight: Plainsong Farms
Plainsong Farms needed a way to tell their complex story of the farm and faith movement to donors. Through visual imagery, farm footage and testimonials, Voyage was able to capture the mission and tell it’s story in a compelling way. 

Donor videos are an important asset in any organization’s portfolio, regardless of climate. If you’re ready to show your donors what sets you apart, get in touch with us!


Infographic explaining that 57% of people who view non-profit videos go on to make a donation.