Modernize Your HR Department In 2023.

With the ever-changing landscape, most HR teams are in response or reaction mode while dealing with limited resources. With the shifting sands, are you on the look out for creative cost-cutting efficiencies? What are the outside of the box ways your department needs to save time and resources while helping other departments?

We here at Voyage have identified a few key video strategies that have proven successful across a wide range of industries.

Infographic explaining that application rates are 34% higher when videos are in the job posting.

Getting and keeping the right candidates drastically cuts down on hiring, paper pushing and unqualified interviews; freeing HR resources for training & retention. Employee Profiles emphasize your culture & differentiators; attracting qualified candidates while deterring unqualified candidates.

Employee Profile Videos save the average HR client 15% of recruitment resources per hire.

Keep project and product teams doing what they do best: making things. Instead of training overviews led by production staff every hiring cycle for hours on end, systematize with technical (& engaging) how-to curriculums taught once, instead of with each new hire. 

Training Videos save the average staff 500+ employee hours annually.

Compelling Recruitment Videos increase qualified applicants and trim burn time. Recruitment Videos are the #1 concept we (and the industry) repurpose as promotional, marketing and sales videos. 4+ Video Deliverables from one production? Yes please. This can create radical cost savings and loads of assets across the organization.

This strategy saves the average client 35% of their marketing budget.

Free up time from the CEO down. There’s no need to spend so many hours repeating the same information every new hiring cycle. Streamline through storylines – we create engaging onboarding videos for culture, policies, and protocols. 

This saves the average training staff 17% on resources.

The numbers speak for themselves, we aren’t talking small margins here. Get in touch with one of our Video Specialists today and bring your team into 2020!