Video Strategy Insights


Happy New Year! I hope you’re feeling this similar surge of hope-inspired energy as we enter this new calendar year. One thing I wanted to commit to this year is adding value by staying in touch. So consider this the first of a monthly installment on the state of video storytelling & strategy. If this isn’t your thing, let me know and I’ll refrain from sending updates like this to you.

Video Budgets are increasing in 2023, here are some qualifying questions to think about when investing in a video strategy.


If a stat, trend, or inspiration triggers your imagination (or resonates with your KPI), let’s talk. If not– at least you’ll have some niche trivia for a staff meeting or LinkedIn post. In the spirit of consultation, I’ll also pose here: what would you like to know more about when considering video production? Hit reply and let me know! 

Everybody wants more content
Half of B2B marketers said they expected their content marketing budgets to increase in 2023. And nearly half of respondents say they expect their organization will hire or contract content producers in 2023. (Page 19 of 2022 Content Marketing Video & Visual Storytelling Survey)

Video storytelling is always helpful– it humanizes, immerses, and compels. But it’s prudent to have a strategy with your spend (duh). As you consider what you’re doing with your video budget this year, I challenge you with this qualifying starting point checklist:

  • Outlook: Are you in growth mode or maintenance mode?
  • Budget: What is your ideal return on investment?
  • Audience: Who are you trying to reach and what is one conversion worth?
  • Conversion: Where in the customer journey are you most vulnerable? (where are you losing?)

Let me know if this helps get the juices flowing. Strategy is my favorite.

Happy New Year!

And at your service,

PS- One of my favorite videos we produced last year is this promo to show the size and scope of a family run business in one of Michigan’s largest industries: agriculture. Something I often take for granted. The scenery was beautiful and the light hit just right. So pretty. (Maybe I’m also simply missing the greenery and sunshine here in Michigan’s January…)