Big Joe

Feel The “Ahh” Campaign

Feel The "Ahh"

Comfort Research was looking to outfit their annual marketing strategy with video content for their Big Joe brand as they headed into the holiday season. Rather than using a traditional “product highlight” approach, the company was looking to promote its products by amplifying their brand.

Using Big Joe’s mantra to “Feel the Ahh,” Voyage Pictures created a video treatment that sought to highlight the playful, imaginative side of the brand. Maximizing production days allowed Voyage to create a full campaign of ad spots that captured specific client demographics experiencing their “ahh” moments with Big Joe products. To ensure the campaign was as successful as possible, we created videos with varying lengths and age demographics to be used for multivariate testing.

With paid ad-push, Comfort Research saw their first video receive over 250k views in just over a month.

Stephen Panaggio

Director of Photography
Tyler Grimm

Assistant Camera
Joshua Skinner

Ryan Terpstra

James Kessel

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