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Vander Hyde Mechanical

Vander Hyde Mechanical is a family owned and run heating/cooling/electrical company that had never done video marketing before reaching out to us.  They needed help creating content for their website and social media platforms that would provide a visual example of what their company was all about to prospective employees and clients.  It was also a goal to include aspects of their family legacy and values within the video so that people searching for a job could envision themselves working for a company with similar values.

We worked with Vander Hyde leadership in developing a video concept that included interviews with multiple employees, who would speak about their experiences working for the company, and also how the company had benefited their lives outside of work.  We would film at Vander Hyde offices and job sites, but also spend some time with select employees at their homes or their hobbies. The goal was to visually capture that Vander Hyde not only provided career opportunities but also allowed people to achieve their passions and goals for their personal lives.  In addition to those stories, we interviewed Kevin Vander Hyde Sr, and his son, Kevin Vander Hyde Jr to speak about the legacy of the company and their goals for Vander Hyde Mechanical moving forward. It was Voyage’s goal to create an HR-focused video that reached beyond a common expectation of what a company video should be.

Through diligent work together and some revisions throughout the process, Voyage, and Vander Hyde were able to land on a video that balanced storytelling with company history and future goals.  It was an impressive team effort across the board from Vander Hyde that allowed production of this video to be a success.

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