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The team at Sneller Snow Systems came to us with a simple need: a promotional video. They realized they had something unique to offer and were finally ready to share that story with the world. Most snow removal companies specialize in landscaping and only do snow removal seasonally. Sneller is different. They specialize in snow removal year round. Their team is incredibly passionate about the work they do and needed a video to capture that passion. They wanted a promotional film to use in sales meetings as well as on their website that told their story.

First things first, we launched into a discovery of Sneller’s story. We looked at their current marketing strategy, their website copy, social media posts, etc. We met with their key stakeholders and had additional conversations with their executive team and a few of their employees to get a real sense of how the business operates. We wanted to make sure that by the time we started filming, we knew their voice and their key differentiators.

We discovered that they distinguish themselves through their consistent professionalism and attention to detail. Jeff Sneller, the president, and Dan Sneller, the VP of Sales and Marketing, described their operations as a sophisticated ensemble of different disciplines, focii, and strategies. We used this inspiration in our creative concepting, making sure to highlight the technological integration and communication between team members as opposed to the rough and tumble nature of their work. In making their work look effortless, we could showcase their team’s ability to turn challenging work into a smooth running machine.

To get a feel for Sneller’s work, we decided to join them on the job. They roll out at 3 AM during “snow events”, and we wanted to be right there with them to document their work at a few of the company’s largest contracts. After preselecting our interview subjects, we staged them across multiple sites and gathered footage that would showcase Sneller’s work. It was a particularly challenging year to do so, because, although it was bitterly cold, that particular winter experienced a lack of snow coverage. We ended up being on call for over a week in case any “snow events” were predicted. With gear packed, we were ready to go at a moment’s notice.

We created a promotional video for Sneller highlighting the company’s professionalism and attention to detail. We showed Sneller’s legacy by securing an interview with a prominent expert in the field of facility management. To support the idea of the “complex ensemble” that works together for seamless snow removal every year we used classical music as well as footage that showed the delicate dance between the office and the field.

We received ecstatic feedback from the folks at Sneller and went on to create further case studies for them based on additional footage that we had captured during those cold nights. We also learned that our promotional video has been shown at an industry event and was introduced as “one of the best snow removal promotional videos around.” Who knew!?!

Stephen Panaggio

Dara Veenstra & Stephanie Miller

Jeremy Kruis

Stephen Panaggio

Additional Videography
Jeremy Kruis & Stephen Panaggio

Stephen Norregaard

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