Valley Quality

Valley Truck Parts

Like many companies, Valley Truck Parts came to us looking to increase revenue. They also wanted, like many, a significant return on investment. Their company goal is to become a $150 Million company within the next five years. Knowing that video is no silver bullet, they wanted a multifaceted approach to that goal—one of which was video.

Before coming into contact with Voyage, they were primarily using printed brochures to explain their products and service offerings to clients. Reimagining these as videos would serve to educate clients, and hopefully, increase sales conversions. To that end, we proposed the creation of a suite of videos for each of their product/services offerings. We created scripts that distilled the brochure content to the most important and relevant information, and we focused on showing these products or services offerings in action.

We also proposed the creation of an HR film which featured real employees and leadership at the company speaking candidly about their experiences there. We paid close attention to casting people from all levels and departments and proposed accompanying those interviews with action-packed footage from on the production floors.

We filmed throughout several weeks and created a suite of over nine videos on time and under budget.

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