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J-Max Transportation

It takes a lot to get a product from point A to point B. But most people don’t have to think about it. For J-MAX, on the other hand, that’s all they think about. They are experts in seamless transportation and logistics, and they’ve earned the trust of countless clients.

We made a short promotional film to show why J-MAX is trusted to get products where they need to be on time, every time. As a bonus, we made short loop videos which appear on their newly designed website.

A video also takes a lot to get it from Point A (idea) to Point B (finished product), so many thanks go to our crew as well as those who were featured in the video!

Stephen Panaggio

Stephen Panaggio & James Kessel

Stephanie Miller

Director of Photography
Tyler Grimm

Assistant Camera 1
Tyler Hollman

Assistant Camera 2
Cam Lewis

Casey McClurken

Audio Recordist
James Kessel

Stephen Panaggio & James Kessel

Sound Design
Stephen Panaggio & James Kessel

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