Buist Electric has been committed to raising the standard in the electrical industry of Michigan since it was founded in 1964 by brothers Larry and Roger Buist. With a number of focuses and a broad portfolio, Buist Electric wanted to showcase the variety and excellence of their work in a concise promotional film.


With a company founded on 50+ years of experience, Buist had a variety of noteworthy services and a diverse range of clients and audiences. Creating a clear message while combating old stereotypes and outdated web and social media presented a challenge. With a growing workflow, Buist also found a shortage of qualified applicants to join their skilled team.

Desiring to increase brand awareness, sales conversions and recruitment, Voyage Pictures was called upon to deliver a visual communication strategy that would transcend old and new audiences alike. Voyage Pictures worked with Buist to develop an approach that embraced their roots while refreshing the story of their innovative services.


Needing scale, scope, and strategic turnaround, Voyage Pictures researched, developed, and executed two “documercial” films, balancing a nod to the company’s history, authentic interviews with employees and company leadership, as well as a collection of their current and completed portfolio operations around Michigan.


Starting with the why in order to end with effective results, execution involved:

  • Authentic staging of interviews with employees and company leadership within a designed setting that evokes both Buist Electric’s past and future.
  • Creative concept development and brand research leading to a strategic pitch that received unified endorsement across the company.
  • Pre-interviewing with company stakeholders to ensure unified brand voice.
  • Strategic scheduling of production days allowing client’s goal for a wide variety of voices, footage, and balanced scope.
  • Implementation of drone footage on strategic jobs sites and securing key location permissions from highly sensitive client properties.
  • An additional deliverable creating a recruitment documercial film focused on employee engagement.
  • Final project was delivered on time and on budget.


The films created for Buist Electric continue to drive clients to Buist Electric’s website to meet their goals for marketing and HR. Our relationship with a growing Buist Electric has blossomed into additional projects including an updated rebrand of the company and the creation of more targeted films highlighting specific service areas through case studies.

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