Two young business owners conducting virtual tradeshows for their respective products.


If trade shows are an important facet of your company’s growth plan, it’s shaping up to be a different year. Events are being changed around the country, and it’s leaving organizations with a lot of questions. Is your show moving to digital format? Cancelling altogether? How are you going to reach prospective buyers?

Customer testimonials can help bring in up to 62% more revenue.

Voyage has been helping clients transition their trade show content into video experiences to prepare for the upcoming wave of virtual trade shows. We’ve also helped re-imagine sales collateral through a tradeshow lens, offering clients additional points of engagement in a digital format. Now is the time to create “virtual” video assets with a combined return for your sales teams AND the business you hope(d) to gain this year at trade shows.

Building up a catalog of video assets allows you to future-proof by equipping your team with high-quality, engaging sales tools combined for virtual trade show application. Here are just a few examples of assets we’ve created with our clients in their 2020 shifts:

Digital Assets

Voyage Pictures recommends considering these options to increase your digital presence.
  • Introduce your products to viewers
  • Highlight special features and sales data
  • Achieve your “Booth pitch” in a digital format
  • Go in-depth with specifics and data points
  • Offer product featurettes and demos
  • Establish credibility with viewers
  • Capture the essence of your organization
  • Recreate your experience-driven booth digitally
  • Demonstrate what sets you apart from the competition
  • Spotlight your most loyal customers and clients
  • Earn the trust of your viewers
  • Offer different perspectives on your organization