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The process of this project was an interesting one, as the original inquiry came from a foreign contact, but ultimately the project was based in our backyard!  Micah Lancaster is a world-renowned basketball trainer with an active social media presence. He’s trained players of all ages and skill levels, from young children to some of the very best players in the NBA.  He has an engaging personality, a unique and controversial style, a recognized brand, and Voyage was charged with creating a trailer for a prospective TV program to market to potential investors.

We worked with Micah and his team to develop a production plan for a “trailer” that could be shared with different levels of investors and development companies.  The ultimate goal was to gain traction for a TV program that could exist on a terrestrial station or an online streaming service. Through extensive creative concepting, Voyage recommended a format for the program that would produce repeatable episodes, and a formula that would resonate with viewers; whether they were basketball fans or not.  From there we tapped into Micah’s resources at his World Headquarters in Grandville, MI. Throughout an entire day, we shot many scenes, drills, and motivational talks that encompassed his brand’s strategy and authenticity.

After several drafts, Voyage was able to settle on a trailer format that illustrated Micah’s credentials, laid out the formula for the show, and excited the viewer at the prospect of seeing more.  This final deliverable was then viewed around the world by prospective investors and other partners, with extremely positive feedback.  Additionally, the video has been recognized by the 2019 Addy Awards, winning a silver Addy Award.

Stephen Panaggio

Director of Photography
Stephen Schriemer

Assistant Camera
James Kessel

Bret “Dutch” Beimers

Audio Tech
Adam Lowell

Ryan Terpstra

Stephen Panaggio

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