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We created a relationship with the marketing team at CityFlatsHotel in 2016. Almost a year later, we continued the conversation about creating a suite of videos for their two hotel locations with the goal of increasing call traffic, physical traffic as well as increasing revenue. They also wanted to differentiate themselves from the other various “cookie cutter” options in West Michigan. They truly wanted to position themselves as a unique experience, a doorway to their downtown locations. Enter Voyage.

One of the things that set them apart was that each hotel, each room, each experience was different. They’re a modern, boutique company that takes risks in everything they do. As such, we were bold in our proposal to CityFlatsHotel. We proposed the creation of a suite of videos. One that would promote the CityFlatsHotel brand as a whole, one unique film for each hotel location, as well as a series of shorter pieces to be used on social media throughout the year.

We came up with a bold idea. What if we created a film about a hotel with nobody in it? Not because they were never here, but because they’re out there, enjoying the city. Because that’s really the point of crafting a unique experience within the hotel, to bring people to the city. And what if we shared the experience of staying at the hotel from the perspective of the cleaning staff? A staff that in many cases gets to know their guests by name. We pitched it to CityFlatsHotel’s marketing department, and they loved it. It was exactly the type of bold idea they were looking for.

Production spanned over a week at on both CityFlatsHotel locations. We worked with two different crews to create two separate looks, one stylized for the main brand film, the other closer to a heightened documentary look to show off the must-see attractions within each city with a CityFlatsHotel location. The results speak for themselves. Oh, and we won a Silver ADDY award for our campaign.

Stephen Panaggio

Stephanie Miller

Director of Photography
Tyler Grimm

Assistant Camera
Tyler Hollman

Casey McClurken

Vinny Walsh

Jason Grinde

Art Direction
Taylor Bowe

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